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Hello!  My name is Marsha Thatcher. I grew up in Tennessee and have always had a love for all animals.  Even at a young age, I had the inherent desire to help animals and wanted to be a veterinarian.  Growing up with a family farm, I became quite familiar with a wide variety of animals, large and small.  We even had two pet raccoons and a pet deer when I was younger!

My husband Ryan and I have been married for 22 years and we have 3 beautiful, fun children.  Ryan is a firefighter in North Las Vegas.  He grew up in Page, Arizona, near Lake Powell (if you are from the southwest, you know Lake Powell).  He and I met in Las Vegas in 2000 and started our family there.  In 2010, we made the move up north to St. George and "planted our feet".  We love all the outdoor activities and beauty southern Utah has to offer! 

In 2017 our son developed an allergy to dogs.  We began our search to find him the perfect hypoallergenic companion, that would still be able to keep up with our active family.  After careful research, we discovered the amazing Australian Labradoodle!  I quickly became infatuated with the amount of care and attention that went into creating, preserving, and sustaining this breed and knew that breeding is what I was meant to do.  

Rue was our first Australian Labradoodle, and she has been a dream come true.  I truly believe it when people say, "you don't pick your dog, your dog picks you".  She was always meant to be a part of our family and we couldn't imagine life without her.  Lucy was our second Australian Labradoodle and just like moms often say when they are having baby #2, "you don't think you can love them as much as the first, but you DO"! 


Our passion for this breed translates into the puppies we provide.  All our puppies are raised right in our home, where they receive all the love, care and attention they need for a successful start.  The health of our breeding dogs is our top priority and we would never breed if any health issues were present.

My veterinarian dream may have not become a reality, but I have found so much fulfillment in learning about and becoming a breeder.  Breeding isn't just about having cute puppies to cuddle.  Each breeding that happens, every litter born, and every puppy that I have cared for has been a learning experience.  Although breeding isn't always a "walk in the park', I have been greatly blessed to be able to learn all that I have.  I look forward to continuing my education, development and personal growth in this profession.

OUR MISSION is to be completely transparent and to do our best to provide you with highest quality dog.  We love matching our puppies with their "furever" families and we are grateful you put your trust in us.  

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