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What is a Guardian Home?

We believe all of our breeding dogs should be raised in a loving home.  This program allows families to have a pick-of-the-litter breeding dog at a significantly reduced price.  While we retain the breeding rights to the guardian dog, the dog will live in your home as your family pet. 

Our mama guardian dogs are bred shortly after they begin their second heat cycle (approximately 18 moths old).  They are then returned to their guardian home family for the duration of the pregnancy until approximately 14-10 days prior to the due date.  At that time, the mamas are brought to our home where they will whelp their litter and remain with us until their puppies are weaned (approximately 7 weeks). 

Our daddy guardian dogs are used for stud services beginning as early as 8 months until they are retired.  Most of our guardian dogs are retired by a certain number of litters or bu the time they are 6 years old.  At that point, we will pay to have the guardian dog spayed/neutered and full ownership is transferred to the guardian family.  

We require an $800 deposit to enter our Guardian Home Program.  The guardian family will be reimbursed $200 per litter every time a female guardian dog whelps a litter of puppies and $100 every time a male sires a littler of puppies until the deposit is fully refunded.  

Guardian Home Program: Welcome

Why do we offer a Guardian Home Program?

Placing our breeding dogs in a guardian home benefits the dog, the guardian family, and the breeder.  While we would love to keep all of our breeding dogs right in our home, we lack the physical capacity to do so.  Instead, the guardian dog is raised in your home where they are given the love, attention and socialization that they need.  This program allows the guardian to own the best (pick of the litter) Majestic Doodle for a $500.00 deposit for females and an $800.00 deposit for males, instead of the full adoption fee ($3,200.00) and we are able to continue offering other families amazing litters of puppies from these Majestic parents.

If you are interested and want more information on becoming a Guardian Home, please fill out our PUPPY APPLICATION.  For more details on the requirements and specificities of the program, you may look over our GUARDIAN HOME AGREEMENT

Guardian Home Program: Welcome

Guardian Family Requirements

  • You must live within 1 hour driving distance from our home in St. George, Utah and can not move out of that range during the duration of the guardian family contract.

  •  You must own your own home.

  • You must have a fully fenced in yard (no invisible fences as they do not prevent other dogs from entering your yard).

  • You must always keep the guardian dog on a leash when out of your home.

  • You can not visit dog parks, as they involve possible health risks to our breeding dog. 

  •  You must provide regular and routine veterinary health check ups including staying up to date on all vaccinations.

  •  You must provide monthly photos of the guardian dog for our website and social media and provide updates on the dog and their training status. 

  • You must be able to prove basic obedience training by the time the dog is 1 year old and provide proper socialization to people, children and animals.

  • You must provide regular grooming services in accordance with the grooming guidelines provided by Majestic Doodles.  

  • You must not leave your dog alone for more than 4 hours/day.

  • You must have reliable transportation and be able to commit to bring the dog to us for health testing, breeding and whelping if necessary.  

  • You must commit to feeding the dog a high quality dog food, approved by Majestic Doodles.

  • You must be willing to accept other responsibilities involved in caring for an intact breeding dog. 

Guardian Home Program: Welcome

Becoming a Guardian Family

Above all, we offer a lifetime of love and support to all of our Majestic Doodle families!  We love working closely with our guardian families and we are always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Home Family and meet all of the above requirements, please fill out our PUPPY APPLICATION.  For more details on the  specificities of the program, you may look over our GUARDIAN HOME AGREEMENT

Guardian Home Program: Welcome
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