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What is a Guardian Home?

We believe all of our breeding dogs should be raised in a loving home.  This program allows families to have a pick-of-the-litter breeding dog at a significantly reduced price.  While we retain the breeding rights to the guardian dog, the dog will live in your home as your family pet.  

Our mama guardian dogs are bred and returned to their guardian home family for the duration of the pregnancy until approximately 10 days prior to the due date.  At that time, the mamas are brought to our home where they will whelp their litter and remain with us until their puppies are weaned.  Guardian dogs are retired after 5 litters or 6 years of age.  At that point, we will pay to have the guardian dog spayed/neutered and full ownership is transferred to the guardian family.  The cost of a guardian dog is $500.00.  (Must be local to the Southern Utah area).  

Guardian Home Program: Welcome

Why do we offer a Guardian Home Program?

Placing our breeding dogs in a guardian home benefits the dog, the guardian family, and the breeder.  While we would love to keep all of our breeding dogs right in our home, we lack the physical capacity to do so.  Instead, the guardian dog is raised in your home where they are given the love, attention and socialization that they need.  This program allows the guardian to own the best (pick of the litter) Majestic Doodle for a $500.00 deposit, instead of the full adoption fee ($3,200.00) and we are able to continue offering other families amazing litters of puppies from these Majestic parents.

If you are interested and want more information on becoming a Guardian Home, please fill out our PUPPY APPLICATION.  For more details on the requirements and specificities of the program, you may look over our GUARDIAN HOME AGREEMENT

Guardian Home Program: Welcome
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