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We are so excited for this pairing!  This will be our sweet Raya's first litter.  Not only do we anticipate these puppies to absolutely beautiful, we also anticipate them to be incredibly intelligent!  

Raya is the daughter of Rue/Moose from our Firehouse litter and she is so much like her mama.  She is sweet and loving and smart and intuitive.  Raya lives just down the street from us with her wonderful guardian family.  Raya has been well trained, socialized, and is loved beyond measure.  Raya is absolutely amazing and can't wait to see the beautiful puppies she will produce!

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Kobi is owned by our friends at Luxe Labradoodles.  Kobi is the perfect combination of playful and calm.  Kobi has consistently produced outstanding puppies.  Several of Kobi's puppies have gone on to receive their therapy certifications.  

Raya and Kobi have honeymooned and puppies are due around March 15th and will be going home around the middle of May.  This is a small medium/large mini litter (adult weight 24-32 lbs).  We expect puppies in shades of caramel and red/apricot, some with white markings.

There are only a few spots available on this litter and we anticipate it filling up fast.  If you are interested, click here to fill out a puppy application.

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